Brookfield Tool


Brookfield Tool Holders are the original, adjustable v-block holder!

  • Adjustable patented v-block holds a wide range of tool shank diameters without the use of bushings or other equipment.
  • Axially true design makes perfect tool alignment automatic. Precision grinding of working surfaces insures permanent axial alignment on v-block and shank.
  • Balanced pressure locking maintains uniform seating and eliminates all danger of creep or shift during tightening of locking screws after floating tool into position

This is the fundamental idea: Brookfield Tool Holders are v-blocks! They hold tools the same way you would hold a work-piece on a faceplate for precision work-in hardened v-blocks. Brookfield Tool Holder v-blocks are hardened and ground parallel to the shank within .002″ per inch. The Brookfield Tool Holder accommodates various tool shank sizes with it’s reversible clamp-pyramid side in for small tool shanks-completing an accurate three line grip. In addition, a thrust collar at the rear of the holder solidly beds the Brookfield Tool Holder against machine turrets.

You get precise set-ups fast!
With a Brookfield Tool Holder, you simply

The holder’s v-block body easily glides to center and locks-up without creeping. The two body screws have spherical shoulders which turn in beveled washers to balance the pressure. Tightening the body screws can not shift your tool off center, because the washers remove the tendency to rotate. One hex wrench conveniently fits both clamp and body screws.

The Brookfield Tool Holder can be set and put in use without trial or delay to produce true parts, from the first piece to the last. No other tool holding method is simpler, more accurate, or easier.

No collets or bushings to buy, stock, find, drill-out or lose! Each Brookfield Tool Holder will hold any size tool within its listed range. No other tool holder offers such a combination of wide range and accuracy- no bushing or collet even comes close. Think of how these ingenious holders will reduce your cost and tool inventories!