Davenport and Brown & Sharpe Tips and Guides

Hye-Tech Machine provides these Brown & Sharpe Troubleshooting Guides as a helpful service and is not responsible for its content. 

Spindles: click here

  • Removing the Spindle Chain Idler Pulleys
  • Replacing the Spindle Chain
  • Removing the Spindle Drive Motor on #00, 2 and 3 Ultramatics
  • Fitting Washers to the Spindle Assembly on older machines with Sprocket bearing Retainer Coil Springs
  • Setting Spindle Clutches
  • Preventative Maintenance of Base and Spindle Clutches
  • Assembly of Ultramatic Spindle Ball Bearings
  • Installing Clutch Body Keys and Clutch Lever Inserts

Turret Slide: click here

  • Installing Chip Wipers on #2 and #3 Turret Slides
  • Replacing Turret Locking Pin Bushings on #00, #2 and #3 machines
  • Removing the Turret Slide Return Springs on Constant Stroke Turret Slides
  • Assembling the Turret Change Shaft on #2 machines
  • Replacing the Turret Change Shaft Adjusting Gear and Turret Return Shaft on #00 machines

Bed: click here

  • Setting the preload on #2 Withdrawal Cam
  • Adjusting the preload on the Withdrawal Cam Shaft
  • Replacing the Worm Wheel and Cam Drives on CNC machines
  • Replacing the Worm Shaft on CNC Machines
  • Changing to a Double Shear Arrangement to reduce lead cam pin breakage
  • Timing of Cam Shafts
  • Replacing the Lead Worm Shaft


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