CJWinter manufactures the premier line of thread rolling and cold root rolling attachments, thread rolls, root rolls, specialty dies, and tooling for Davenport® machines and CNC machines.  CJWinter has proven that speedy delivery, flawless quality and competitive prices can all be delivered simultaneously.  Our team of dedicated engineers focuses on solving every customer’s thread rolling and metal forming challenges.  Our specialty is providing superior products in the industries shortest lead time.


attachment-rollsATTACHMENT ROLLS

CJWinter manufactures a wide range of attachment thread rolls.  Our quality and performance is unsurpassed, and standard size thread rolls ship within 24 to 48 hours. 

Attachment thread rolls include Attachment Rolls for Straight Threads, Attachment Rolls for Taper Pipe Threads, Fette E-Style Thread Rolls, Fette T-Style Thread Rolls, and End Rolling Attachments.



Burnishing Rolls are designed to your print.  Burnishing Rolls are made to extremely high standards from the finest materials available.

CJWinter burnishing rolls are manufactured holding extremely tight tolerances with polished surfaces to produce mirror-like finishes on your part.


api_cold_rollsAPI COLD ROLLS

Drill pipes undergo repeated, severe tensile stresses during a drilling operation. These cyclic stresses are particularly focused on the thread roots and can cause premature pipe failure. CJWinter provides a full range of Cold Root Rolling attachments and wheels for API, standard and proprietary tool joint connections.

Tools include 11069 Series, 11070 Series, 11071 Series, 11072 Series, 11073 Series, EPL Cold Roll Wheels, and Standard GP Cold Roll Wheels.



CJWinter is the world leader in machine dies. They typically can meet your exacting thread roll specifications a full 2 to 3 weeks faster than our leading competition.

CJWinter manufactures both Helical and Annular machine dies in various styles for your thread rolling machine, including Through-Feed, Double-Taper, Speed-Up, Plunge, and Slow-Up. Overhung die holders and double support die holders for both straight threads and taper pipe threads are also available.


MAThread® is a patented threaded fastener used mainly for the auto industry for improving product assembly. The cutting-edge technology of MAThread® eliminates the common issue of cross-threading.

CJWinter manufactures a full range of the highest quality MA Thread cylindrical thread rolling dies.



CJWinter Knurls are designed to your print. Knurls are made to extremely high standards from the finest materials available.

The care and precision used in their manufacture assures the user of a premium quality tool.Knurl styles fit most knurl holders and include Straight, Diagonal (30 degree and 45 degree), Diamond (male and female), Square, and Custom.


CJWinter sucker rods

If you manufacture Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Sinker Bars or Couplings, in either AISI Grade or API Grade Alloy,

CJWinter is the Best Choice for your thread rolling needs. Available in 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″,1″ and 1-1/8″ body diameters.


CJWinter thread-rolls


CJWinter manufactures thread rolls to fit attachments from all major manufacturers, including:

– Reed – Salvo – Detroit – Landis – Davenport – Fette



cjwinter_er_series_thread_roll_attachmentER SERIES ATTACHMENTS

The CJWinter ER Series introduces a new series of American-made end rolling attachments for thread rolling applications. Its innovative design provides high rigidity for longer tool life and better quality threads.

Compact sizes fit CNC turning centers, Swiss, Multi-Spindle, and many other machines.

cjwinter_tangential_thread_roll_attachmentTANGENTIAL ATTACHMENTS

CJWinter Tangential Attachments contain solid carbide roll pins and have a large capacity range. They easily convert to air-powered radial in-feed.

Models include 125/126 Series, 134 Series, 141/142 Series, 151/152 Series, 160/162 Series, 170/173 Series, Detroit Style, and NC-41 Series.

cjwinter_pneumatic_thread_roll_attachmentPNEUMATIC ATTACHMENTS

CJWinter’s air-powered pneumatic attachments combine simple design, sturdy construction, simple high-precision setup, and economical operation.

Models include 134 Series, 141 Series, 151 Series, 160 Series, 170 Series, and 145/165 Series.


The patented Match Taper design eliminates flaking and slivering. It uses equalized thread rolling pressure to eliminate part deflection, thereby improving thread concentricity.

This system is available in the 134-SA and 162-SA models. A retrofit kit is also available for 134-SA and 160-SA or larger attachments.




CJWinter tool slides perform with superior precision and rigidity, eliminating chatter while making deeper and wider cuts.


cjwinter_shave_toolSHAVE TOOLS

CJWinter Shave Tools include Model 111 and Quick-Change Save Tool.

Both fit Brown & Sharpe, Tornos Bechler National Acme, Euroturn, New Britain, Wickman and many more.


cjwinter_tool_holder davenport


CJWinter has been manufacturing quality Davenport® Tool Holders for over 25 years.