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Quality Thread Rolls and Tooling for Automatic Screw Machines.

We are stocking distributors of
the following manufacturers

Thread Rolls & Tooling

CJ Winter

In addition, we are stocking distributors for:

SOMMA TOOL: Cutting tools, tool holders, work holders, and accessories for screw machines, turret lathes and CNC machines

HARDINGE: Collets, feed fingers and pads

LANDIS THREADING SOLUTIONS: Geometric, H&G, Vers-O-Tool and Acme-Fette thread chasers, thread rolls, heads and repair parts

LMT-FETTE: Fette thread rolling systems and thread rolls

BOYAR-SCHULTZ: Tool holders for automatic screw machines

MICRO 100: Super carbide tools

NOWAK PRODUCTS: Finest replacement parts for Davenport automatics Рquality & innovation  

We also carry products from:

  • Bijur – Lubrication systems and Fittings for Screw Machines
  • Brown & Sharpe – Precision Measuring Tools and Equipment
  • Cleveland Twist Drill – Drills, Taps, Reamers, End Mills and Carbide Tools
  • Form Roll – Precision Knurls
  • Genesee Manufacturing – Adjustable Hollow Mills, Deburring Tools and Counterbores
  • Greenfield Tap & Die- Taps, Dies, Gauges, Drills, Reamers and End Mills
  • Lipe Automation – Bar-Feed Replacement Parts
  • Loc-Line – Flexible Coolant Hoses
  • Logan Clutch – Pneumatic and Hydraulic Clutches for Screw Machines
  • Malco – Slotting Saws
  • Marcellus – Non-Slip Drill and Tap Adapter Bushings
  • North American Tool –¬†Special Taps, Thread Mills, Dies and Gages
  • Procunier – Drilling and Tapping Equipment, Tru-Grip Tap Holders and Collets
  • Swanson Tool – Thread Gages, Taps and Dies
  • Trusty-Cook – “Hush Tube” Silent Stock Feeder Tubes


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