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Boyar-Schultz ToolingFor screw machines, NC and turret lathes, automatics, and CNC turning, Boyar-Schultz tooling presents a new standard in ruggedness and precision for you that means superior performance, whatever your machining requirements.

Higher metal removal rates, tight dimensional tolerances and exceptional finish capabilities are all operating characteristics of these tool on a wide range of applications.

You also can expect longer tool life than you have experienced with any other tooling. The extra rigidity designed and built into Boyar-Schultz tooling delivers the consistent results required, even under abusive conditions.

The Boyar-Schultz tooling can be integrated into many applications on vertical and horizontal machining centers, multi-spindle bar machines and even special application machines. The introduction of quick change tooling will reduce setup time and cost.

In short, an investment in Boyar-Schultz tooling will provide you the uncommon benefit of fast payback from productivity improvements combined with amortization over considerably longer usable life than customarily associated with ordinary cutting tools.

Most orders are shipped the same day to points all over the world.