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CJWinter shave tools have been engineered to ensure outstanding quality in every piece you shave.

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The Model 111 Shave Tool has been engineered by CJWinter® for a single purpose: to assure outstanding quality in every piece you shave.

The Model 111 features increased rigidity over the boxway slide to reduce chatter. High-performance coatings offer increased wear life for running surfaces. Additional features include:

  • 1/2″ or 5/8″ dovetail tooling
  • Reduced height by 1/2″ compared to the Model 108
  • Clamping dovetail on roll holder brackets
  • Running dovetail with expansion gib
  • Micro taper adjust mechanism with a .0001″ change in diameter for every “click” on taper adjust screw

Modular mounting configurations are designed specifically for a Davenport Machine. Standard size 1″ fits 3/4″ diameter machines such as lathes, mills, Davenports and many others.

The Quick Change Dovetail Model 111 Shave Tool can be mounted in multiple positions.

Two roll brackets come standard for inboard and center roll positions and cover the entire range of .000 – .843 adjustments.

The center bracket is used for most applications and supports roll pin at both ends, providing superior rigidity. The inboard bracket is used when the part geometry requires the support roll to be close to the spindle.

Lower height of 2.98 inches allows for increased clearance between the 2nd and 3rd positions minimizing interference with adjacent tooling. Zero clearance matched assembly for more rigidity, virtually eliminating chatter. Micro Taper adjustments can be made within .0001 inches with taper adjust screw.

Most orders are shipped the same day to points all over the world.